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I was looking for a gift for my fiance for her birthday and wanted to get her something that she would get good use out of. She is currently studying which involves lots of reading for and around her subject. I noticed she had created quite a collection of literature so a way to condense this immediately came to mind. Some sort of ereader was needed, but which ereader was the best one? There are so many different ereader makes and models out at the moment. The most obvious place to start was a Kindle selling website such as Amazon, Kindle have been advertising their new ereader Kindle Paperwhite 3G on television so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

A few friends had purchased the original Kindle ereader from Amazon when they first came out and freely expressed how amazing they were, after a short inspection myself I could clearly see the appeal but personally wasn’t sold due to the lack of features and mainly due to the way it looks with its dull un-excitable screen. I actually lost interest pretty quickly with the Kindle and just downloaded ibooks on my ipad and read books off that. Three negative points though when doing it this way on the ipad, firstly books are more expensive on average, secondly the lack of books able to store and thirdly, and I guess most importantly when reading, is that my eye’s started to ache pretty soon on into the read from staring at the screen, something my Kindle loving friends never complained of (and kindly reminded me .. often). On seeing the new Kindle Paperwhite 3G ereader I thought I give it another look as it was to be a gift for someone who would be doing a lot more reading than I ever would.

Below are just some of the area’s in which Kindle has improved on their original ereader design.

Improved resolution –  62% increase in pixels which allows sharper more defined text and images

Back light – the design for lighting up the screen has changed, they now direct light to the display from above rather than from underneath with an option to adjust the brightness ideal for when reading in bright sunlight or reading at bedtime.

Improved contrast – (This is where I wanted to see a real improvement, … which they have surpassed). The screen has 25% higher contrast with solid dark text against a brilliant white background making reading a lot more easy.

Battery Life – now this was an area my friends had mentioned, the previous Kindle’s battery life was nothing to shout home about, but this new Kindle Paperwhite 3G, after a single charge this ereader can last up to eight weeks (obviously less if you read lots)

After much research into features on the new Paperwhite 3G and reading many positive reviews I was very impressed, all the negative points which put me off before were now gone, I was that impressed that I purchased the Kindle paperwhite 3G and to be honest was a little gutted that it was for someone else. Even though it was for a gift I decided to open the box to set it up for my partner with all her relevant books (also because I was curious and couldn’t wait).

It was very easy to use, the interface is brilliant and obviously well thought out. From using the menu’s to using the keyboard and even turning over the page is very smooth and a pleasure to use, this new Paperwhite had definitely changed my mind about the Kindle, I was a little upset I had to give it up to give to my partner.

Few negative points, there is advertising along the bottom of the screen and as it’s not the biggest of screens (understandably as they did not want to lose the book like effect) it feels like space better used for something else or even nothing at all. There is an option to pay for this to be removed and Amazon are introducing Free software so the user can choose whether to keep the advertising on view or not.

Also logging on the email is a little slow but as we already possess smart phones and laptops this it not a real concern.

This is a fantastic piece of kit and for the cost between $173.00 and $269.00 with a special offer on Amazon at the moment this is a well recommended for a gift for others (or yourself) whether you already own a tablet or smart phone the Kindle remains the best e-reader out there for those who like a good read.

Other info: Amazon offer FREE super saver shipping for items over $25 and will deliver between 5 – 8 business days.

Amazon offers a 2 year warranty, 30 day returns and free shipping.

If you want to buy your Kindle ereader as a gift Amazon give you an option to deliver unregistered by ticking a box on the order screen. They will ship the Kindle in an unmarked box that doesn’t say kindle on it nor the price.


Where can I buy the new Kindle Paperwhite 3G? Click here to go through to the Amazon website:


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